About Cynthia

Hi, I’m Cynthia!

An Authenticity Coach dedicated to helping you discover your true passion and build a successful authentic business/career around it.

But who am I? You might be wondering, is she worth my time? For many people, the answer is no.

Although I’m just gonna save you from reading a bunch of boring basic bio, like how old I am and where I live, what I do is not for everyone.


Gee, what kind of about page is this?

Haha… Fine, I’ll give you 2 facts about me. First, I love traveling and I can travel all year long. I’m a citizen of the world. Second, I can’t go a day without coffee. 😝 (Update:I could do it now! Living healthier than ever! 😉)

Seriously, though…

Although it is very unfortunate, most people don’t even think about having a good life. They just worry about paying the bills and feel a bit relieved when this month’s bills have been paid.

Before they know it, they have been living like that for a year, 5 years, a decade and that becomes what’s “normal” to them.

While I’m all about dreams and making those dreams reality. So, you know, most people are just gonna roll their eyes and leave. They don’t have time for this nonsense. But is it, though?

But if you’re here, I know you’re different… You want an alive life. You want something more! You know something needs to be done.


So, Here’s What You Can Expect from Me

My main focus is to help you gain clarity about what your life’s purpose really is and make that as the main thing in your life, instead of splitting your time and energy for things you don’t even like, just for the sake of money.

Make your life your masterpiece!

Phase One - Discovery

It’s all about finding your true passion or Life Purpose first. We all have this one thing and we need to find it in order to have a happy and content life.


Phase Two - Design

After you’ve got clarity about what you really want, we then move on to the business model. We will design your business based on the ideal lifestyle you want to have.

Phase Three - Strategy

Now that you’ve got your business model that matches your dream lifestyle, we can start mapping out the strategy to start and grow your business successfully.

Ready to make big things happen?