About Me

Hi! My name is Cynthia Nataline. I help people who believe that their life has a meaning and a purpose to find their true passion and turn it into their own authentic way to make a living, so they can live their most ideal lifestyle.

I dedicate my life to serve those who fight for freedom to live as who they truly are, instead of just conforming to the social conventions and follow what the majority of people do. This is personal to me because I’ve been in this journey my whole life and it has become my life’s mission.

Each and everyone of you has a passion or a message, which is your vehicle to fulfill your purpose. Making money is just a bonus when you make an impact in the world with your contribution.



“Cynthia is a kind and generous, brilliant host, motivator, and speaker. The session that I attended with her was a group session and it was truly inspiring. It may be one of the best things you ever do to really uncover your life purpose, find the work that you can't not do. She can help you.”

- Peter Ridley, England


“I've just taken Cynthia Nataline's Life Purpose workshop and it's absolutely brilliant. I can't believe my luck that I found myself here! I think she might be the person who represents the new paradigm of life coaches, a very soft, loving, humble and generous kind soul who is really here to help you.”

- Karolina, Poland


“I have to say Cynthia's workshop was really inspiring to me. I've learned a lot and Cynthia's work is just great! For me, there are a lot of things, which really help me now to go back and work through it and be really committed to start and put even more effort and energy into what I really want to do.”

- Verena Fetsch, Germany